CEO speaks to Proactive Investors about i-body technology and lead program

AdAlta CEO Sam Cobb recently spoke to Danielle Doporto from Proactive Investors Australia in their Sydney studio. Sam gave an overview of AdAlta’s i-body platform technology and and it’s unique ability to reach difficult to access targets. Sam also demonstrated the market potential of AdAlta’s lead program, AD-214, for the treatment of the lung condition, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, where currently available therapeutics generate yearly sales of US$1.5-2b.

AdAlta is one of the presenting companies at the Proactive Investors CEO Sessions to be held in Sydney on February 18 and Melbourne on February 19.

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CEO Sam Cobb to present at February investor events

AdAlta CEO Sam Cobb will be presenting at upcoming February investor events held in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. An introduction to AdAlta’s technology, an update on progress of the lead program as well as the milestones to come in 2019 will be provided. Click on the links below to find out more information for each event and to register to attend. The latest company presentation can also be accessed here.

Proactive Investor CEO Sessions


  • Monday February 18
  • Radisoon Blu Hotel (Marble Room), Cnr Pitt & O’Connell St, Sydney
  • 11:30-2pm
  • Click here for more details


  • Tuesday February 19
  • CQ Functions, 113 Queen St, Melbourne
  • 11:30-2pm
  • Click here for more details

Wholesale Investor Emergence 2019


  • February 25-26 (Sam Cobb to present Monday Feb 25 at 1pm)
  • Hilton Brisbane, 190 Elizabeth St, Brisbane
  • Click here for more details and click here for the opportunity to access tickets.


Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: AdAlta’s i-body approach

AdAlta has released an updated brochure on Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF), the debilitating lung disease for which the i-body therapeutic, AD-214, is currently in preclinical development.

The brochure displayed below introduces ‘What is IPF?’, the market potential, current therapeutics in development as well as AdAlta unique approach to tackling this disease through an i-body to a drug target called CXCR4.

The brochure can be downloaded here, more information on AdAlta’s lead i-body program, AD-214, can be found here and if you would like to receive updates on AdAlta’s progress subscribe here.

Adalta IPF white paper Jan 2019 FINAL

CEO provides brief update to Proactive Investors

AdAlta CEO Sam Cobb spoke with Proactive Investors during her recent trip to San Francisco to attend Biotech Showcase, meeting with investors and pharmaceutical companies.

Take a look at the brief interview below which provides an update on the progress of AdAlta’s lead program, AD-214, a novel i-body therapy for the treatment of the lung condition, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.

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CEO Sam Cobb provides an update to the Morgans Network

AdAlta CEO Sam Cobb provided an an update to the Morgans network in December 2018 on the progress of AdAlta’s lead candidate, AD-214. This included an update on the manufacturing of AD-214 being completed by Selexis and KBI Biopharma as well as AdAlta’s progress towards clinical trials slated to commence early 2020.  The interview can be viewed below and AdAlta’s latest company presentation can be found here.

CEO Sam Cobb Presents at Investival Showcase 2018

AdAlta CEO Sam Cobb presented at the Biotech and Money Inv€$tival Showcase held in London on November 13 2018.

The meeting aims showcase the latest innovative and investable private and public life science opportunities; connecting corporate to capital through the strong attendance of investors.

Sam Cobb’s presentation can be viewed below, providing an overview of AdAlta’s corporate structure, innovative i-body platform and lead program for the treatment of fibrosis.

AusBiotech 2018: AdAlta CEO Sam Cobb to speak on leadership diversity and GPCR drug target panels

AdAlta, the Australian biotech pioneering a next generation biologic called an i-body, is pleased to announce that its CEO Sam Cobb will speak on two panels at the largest life science conference in Australia, AusBiotech 2018 (October 31 – November 2).

Ms Cobb will draw on her experience as one of just 13 percent of female CEOs in the Australian life sciences sector[1], for the panel discussion: Gender diversity in Australian biotech, November 1, 9.45am.

Later that day, Ms Cobb will highlight the potential of AdAlta’s i-body platform to target one of the most therapeutically relevant yet to difficult to access class of receptors, G coupled Protein Receptors, as part of the panel: From bench to bedside: GPCR drug discovery, November 1, 11am.

“AdAlta’s i-body is a world-first in next generation biologics; it is a human protein engineered with a very long loop that can access deep grooves and cavities, with great target specificity,” Ms Cobb explained.

“AdAlta now has a substantial body of data to support the therapeutic potential of the i-body.

“We’re developing our i-body therapy, AD-214, with a focus on the lung disease Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF). AD-214 binds and exerts its anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic effect on a type of GPCR chemokine receptor called CXCR4, which is a novel disease target pathway for IPF not currently addressed by approved drugs or those drug candidates in the clinic.

“We are excited to be progressing AD-214 to the clinic, and we expect to undertake our first human trials in early 2020.”

AusBiotech 2018 will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Southbank. More details:

[1] Roberts S. 22 December 2017, Australia’s growing support for women in life sciences, Retrieved from [Accessed 15 October 2018]

AdAlta CSO Mick Foley to speak at novel drug target conference in USA

Associate Professor Michael Foley, founding Chief Scientific Officer of emerging drug developer AdAlta Limited, will be in the USA later this month to present at the novel drug conference Discovery on Target (25-28 Sept). A copy of his presentation can be accessed here.

At Discovery on Target, Dr Foley will highlight the potential of i-body therapeutics to more efficiently and effectively target GPCRs than the traditional small molecule drug approach. Dr Foley will also explore the i-body’s potential for ‘biased’ signalling, a highly selective way to modulate cell function that could be the next major advancement in drug development.

Dr Foley explained: “About 40% of the drugs on the market today target GPCRs, but almost all of them are small molecules, which tend not to be target-specific and therefore have many undesirable side effects.

“Antibodies tend to be more target-specific and have fewer side effects, however traditional human antibodies are very big and their shape prevents them from accessing targets like GPCRs.

“The i-body, with its long loop, can effectively access GPCRs with few, if any, side effects.

“AdAlta has a library of over 20 billion i-bodies with different functional profiles, which can be screened against GPCRs as a starting point for developing therapies to treated a wide range of diseases currently considered therapeutically challenging.”

AdAlta is developing its lead i-body therapeutic, AD-214, to treat fibrotic conditions, with a particular focus on Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF). In preclinical and laboratory studies, AdAlta’s lead i-body has demonstrated selective binding to its target, CXCR4, a protein expressed at higher levels in patients with lung fibrosis, and blocked the migration of cells implicated in fibrosis without influencing or impacting healthy cells.

“Unlike existing treatments for IPF, which have an unknown or very broad mode of action, the mechanism of action AD-214 is exquisitely specific and well understood,” Dr Foley said. “AD-214 could potentially bring the progression of the disease to a grinding halt.”

Associate Professor Michael Foley will present at the Discovery on Target Conference Wednesday 26th September at 2:25pM EDT and a copy of his presentation can be viewed here.