The i-body platform

Identifying and developing new i-body therapeutics

AdAlta has utilised the unique structure of the i-body to develop a proprietary library containing over 20 billion i-body compounds. The library can be rapidly screened against a disease target of choice, to identify i-bodies specific for a range of therapeutically-relevant targets, and develop treatments for many conditions.

Once an i-body is identified to have affinity and specificity with a drug target of interest, its effectiveness is evaluated in cell based assays (in vitro) and in animal experiments (in vivo).

AdAlta has screened the i-body library to find a match with approximately 20 drug targets to date, and has identified i-bodies that bind to the target in each instance.

Undruggable Targets

A number of diseases remain difficult to treat due to the complexity of the target responsible for the disease pathology. These complex target molecules include G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) and Ion Channels, both representing large classes for potential therapeutic intervention.

Modern medicine typically drugs these complex targets using small molecules, but this approach is not specific or efficient, resulting in unwanted side effects and underwhelming effectiveness. The i-body, with its long loop for greater access and high specificity for its target, provides an opportunity to selectively modulate and drug these previously undruggable targets.

“I think AdAlta’s got some technology that allows undrugable targets now to be drugged”

Robert Peach, Non-Executive Director, AdAlta Limited

G-Protein-Coupled Receptors

Ion Channels