AdAlta Conference Call Audio

AdAlta held an Investor Conference Call on August 1 where CEO Sam Cobb provided an update on the progress of AdAlta’s lead therapeutic program for the treatment of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, AD-214. She also discussed the Company’s recent Placement to institutional and sophisticated investors and conducted a Q+A session, covering any questions on AD-214 progress and the Share Purchase Plan (SPP) Offer, which is currently open to shareholders.

If you would like to access a recording of the call please provide your details below. The Investor Presentation that accompanies the recording can be found here.

The proceeds from the Placement and the SPP will be used for manufacturing and pre-clinical studies of AD-214 as well as internal research and development of new i- bodies and corporate costs.

Full details of the SPP Offer are available in the SPP Offer booklet and available on the Company’s website (

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