AdAlta featured in ABC Radio National Roundtable segment

AdAlta CEO Sam Cobb was invited to participate in the weekly Roundtable segment broadcast on ABC Radio National.

The round table discussion focused on the growth of the Biotechnology industry which is “on the point of boom times that will be every bit as transformative as the digital revolution” and the challenges faced when commercialising research and completing clinical trials in Australia, geographically far removed from the large markets of Europe and the US.

A recording of the Roundtable segment featuring Sam Cobb can be found below with highlights including:

  • Advantages of undertaking drug development in Australia [5:45]
  • Challenges of completing clinical trials for small indications in Australia [6:25]
  • The importance of protecting your intellectual property worldwide [17:00]
  • The ‘courting’ process in developing relationships with potential licensing partners [19:05]
  • The race to develop the best compound ahead of your competitors [20:05]

ABC Radio National Sunday Extra The Roundtable: How to stop the biotech ‘valley of death’ in Australia, presented by Hugh Riminton, July 8

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