AdAlta talks to Bulls N’ Bears on developments for fibrosis sufferers

AdAlta’s CEO and Managing Director, Dr Tim Oldham spoke to Bulls N’ Bears’ Matt Birney on the development of its i-body platform technology, and more specifically, progress for lead product AD-214, for the treatment of fibrotic diseases including Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF).

Dr Oldham explains the severe and progressive impact of fibrotic diseases on organ function and how the two current drug treatments for IPF have limited effectiveness combined with severe side effects.

AdAlta’s AD-214 is taking a novel approach by targeting a different biological pathway to treat fibrosis. New data has demonstrated that we can achieve an effective outcome when dosing every two weeks. This is positive news for AdAlta, potential patients and partners, as AdAlta prepares for Phase II trials. Listen below to learn more.