The commercial potential of targeting the complex proteins GPCRs and ion channels

Drugging the undruggable: AdAlta’s 2018 special investor and analyst briefing

On 2nd February 2018, AdAlta brought together some of the world’s leading researchers and experts in drug development to debate the drug discovery landscape of today and where the greatest opportunities lie.

In our short highlights video from the day, you’ll hear why experts like Receptos founder Dr Robert Peach, portfolio manager Bianca Ogden and Anthony Brown are excited about the commercial opportunity in AdAlta’s next generation antibody platform, called an ‘i-body’, and our lead drug candidate AD-114.

The day was presented with an investor and analyst audience in mind; information on what is a deeply complex topic was presented in an easy-to-digest format, ensuring that our audience walked away understanding the true value of what was being discussed.

We had a particular focus on some of the complex proteins thought to contribute to various diseases, called G-coupled protein receptors (GPCRs) and ion channels. Both types of proteins represent large classes for potential therapeutic intervention, and yet they remain difficult to target by small molecule and traditional antibody therapeutics.

Our i-body AD-114 targets the GPCR implicated in fibrosis, and has shown compelling potential as a new treatment for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF, otherwise simply referred to as lung fibrosis).


Individual Speaker Presentations 

Dr Bianca Ogden – Portfolio Manager, Platinum Asset Management ‘Drug discovery, next generation antibodies: the landscape, the problems and the solutions’

Professor Carol Pollock – Professor Medicine ‘Ion Channels: what is an ion channel and the drug discovery opportunity for the treatment of fibrosis’

Dr Mick Foley – Chief Scientific Officer, AdAlta ‘GPCRs: unique pharmacology of the i-body and what this means therapeutically’

Dr Anthony Brown – WG Partners ‘Development of drugs that target GPCRs and ion channels: the commercial opportunity and therapeutic potential’

Panel Discussion featuring world-leading drug developers Dr Brian Richardson, Dr John Westwick and Dr Robert Peach

An update on the progress of AdAlta’s lead candidate, AD-114, was also provided by CEO Sam Cobb.