Flexible formatting of AdAlta’s i-body technology

The customisable nature of the i-body, AdAlta’s next generation antibody, has recently been demonstrated in an article published by the well-respected and peer-reviewed journal mAbs, which can be downloaded here.

AdAlta holds a proprietary library of 20 billion i-body compounds that possess a long loop which enables access to difficult drug targets. The published paper demonstrates that the half-life of the i-body, or the time in which the i-body stays in the body, can be customised using multiple technologies (shown below). The ability to modify the half-life without affecting the binding properties of the long loop shows the flexibility of the i-body platform and increases the utility of the platform for treating a wide variety of diseases.

The customised formats of the i-body explored in the mAbs paper.

You can learn more about the i-body library and the process used to identify drug candidates from the library in an interview with AdAlta Chief Scientific Officer Dr Mick Foley. Mick has been with AdAlta since the beginning almost 12 years ago and in the video shares his greatest highlight over this time.

More information about AdAlta’s i-body technology can be found here.

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