Significant i-body publication

AdAlta Limited today announced the first publication of a scientific peer review paper describing the multiple potential applications of its i-body platform technology to address a number of major unmet medical needs.

The publication describing the i-body will appear in the prestigious and well respected international scientific journal “The Journal Of Biological Chemistry”.

The paper describes the new class of small, highly specific and stable fully human protein therapeutics that have been designed to mimic the highly stable structure or shape and exceptional targeting and antigen binding properties of shark antibodies. AdAlta scientists and collaborators have demonstrated that the long binding loop of the i-body, that is lacking in traditional antibodies, can bind to a diverse range of different therapeutically-relevant targets including those that are difficult/intractable to access by current antibody therapies such as G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs).

In 2015, sixty percent of sales from the world top 20 drugs, were from antibodies, with global sales of US$81 billion from these antibodies alone.

G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) and ion channels have traditionally been targeted by small molecule drugs, which account for approximately 40% of all drugs currently on the market. Small molecules can have an increased risk of toxicity and off target side effects due to their lack of specificity. With their high affinity and specificity and long binding loop, the i-body can access GPCRs and ion channels without the off-target side effects common with small molecule drugs.

AdAlta Chief Executive Officer Sam Cobb said, “The publication confirms the significant potential benefits and potential value of AdAlta’s unique i-body and highlights our research among the broader international scientific community”.

AdAlta is utilising the power of its i-body technology platform to develop a pipeline of i-bodies, with an initial focus on treating fibrotic diseases.

Read the publication here.